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An Avatar's First


Frogs and Snails
and Mobster Tales
Growing Up in
Al Capone's Shadow

Federal Pianist

The Rueful Tales...of the only one

The Missing Peace

The Flying Boy Letters
The Flying Boy
Anguish & Joy
        Courting a Woman's Soul 
I Got a Boo Boo on My Toe
Poems About Visiting the Pediatrician

Flying Boy 11

The Journey Continues

The Name Dropper or

"People I Schlepped with"


An Avatar's First

Where Do I Go From Her?

Mindfulness For The Common Man

Sun and Water


180º Magnetic

by Jim Schoendaller

     Jeanne C. Stein

It started as a bet in a tropical casino poker parlor and ended as the adventure of the lifetime for two novice sailors. Pat Taylor and Tracy Palmer never dreamed when they set out on a boat-buying mission that they’d end up with a magnificent vessel like The Lady Anne, a two-year-old Clarriage Sixty-Eight worth three million dollars. But that’s what happened and when they set out on their maiden voyage, the odyssey that awaited them was both wonderful and deadly. Along with their sailing instructor from Colorado, the trio soon found themselves lost where danger threatened at every turn. How they found their way back to civilization is an exciting story of determination and courage, and a secret they are sworn to take with them to the grave.

The Name Dropper or "People I Schlepped with"

by Morris Diamond

A good man in a tough game. Always dependable, and always willing to help the little guy touch the stars, and perhaps even be one of them! Just ask anybody, everybody likes Morris I. Diamond

Courting a Woman's Soul
by John Lee

A story of romance and inner demons, of love and courage. It provides a humble perspective on relationships and why they fail or succeed. A story of one man's journey to have his soul mate. It took me four decades to understand the difference between love and lust? Lust takes everything and gives nothing;  love gives everything and takes so very little 

John Lee

The best love story I've read in a long time." 
Robert Bly, best-selling author Lee




The best kept secret to recovery revealed. If you or someone you love is navigating their way through recovery, there is one thing that will either be a roadblock or a catalyst on the journey: A true, holistic understanding of anger. Unfortunately most recovery programs don't address or properly understand anger, and many times this leads to relapse or a rougher transition, even for people who don't consider themselves "angry." In the Missing Peace, bestselling author and recovery movement  pioneer, John Lee shows that true happiness and fulfillment is not only possible but within your grasp.

The Federal Pianist The Rueful Tales... of the only one

by John Robilette

Having been actually present for some of the scenes Robilette has fictionalized in this hilarious book, I can attest that life is indeed Stanger than Fiction.  No one would have believed the lunacy had he not fictionalized it , but it was real. Regardless, Robilette is     a masterful storyteller and superb humorist. If Mark Twain had been there, he would have written something like this. Federal Pianist is satire of the first order 

The Honorable Robert Reilly

Former Special Assistant to President, Ronald Reagan

Former Direcor of the Voice of America

Flying Boy II 

By John Lee

"...John takes very sophisticatedmaterial that is very important to understand and makes it wonderfully simple!!"

-John Bradshaw

Author, Healing the Shame that Binds You

"John Lee is one of the greatest teachers in the United Stages." 

-Robert Bly Author, poet, co- founder of the men's movement

Flying Boy

Healing the Wounded Man

John Lee

I wrote this book to heal my “Flying Boy” wound and to heal my relationship with my parents and with the women I have loved. This book can also help those women who discover they have loved Flying Boys.
This is a story about feelings – losing them – finding them – and finally expressing them. Also woven throughout is a sad love song about a woman’s unconditional love. All of the characters in this book are living people, and I have changed some names to protect their privacy. Laural is a composite character based on more than one woman I have loved and hurt.

         The Missing Peace  

by John Lee

Mindfulness for the Common Man

by Jamie Casellas

Our human experience is without meaning or unworthy of analysis until we mindfully recognize what it means to be happy, until we question why we habitually inflict unhappiness on each other, where the seedbed of loathing and odium resides.As you will find in this book, it is now well-known that mindfulness can help you reap a cauldron of benefits, not to mention reach higher brain functioning, as well as help with the management of emotional trauma, abuse, and addictive behavior, specialties of Dr. Jaime Carlo-Casellas.

Flying Boy Letters Getting back to y'all 39 years Later

by John Lee

John Lee offering hope and inspiration to his readers on a variety of subjects from communication,  relationships, love, forgiveness, dealing with elderly parents and more.


Where Do I Go From Her?

by John Lee

This deeply heartfelt book from bestselling author John Lee deals with the depth of love, loss, and more in dealing with divorce from a very personal perspective.


John speaks directly and candidly and states:"This is the most different, difficult, and heartfelt book I have ever written or will write.It will speak to anyone who has loved, lost, took some time to move from where you thought you would be to where you are and will be.


Like the monk, Thomas Merton said, “Every transition is a mystical attempt to becomethe person we were meant to be all along.” I hope it will help you heal and love again, or love more deeply.This book does not deal with the subject matter of most of my previous books:psychology, self-help, recovery, and men’s stuff. In Where Do I Go From Her? I tried to let the poetry of reflection, longing for relief, and a new start be the guiding forces. And, like poetry, though this little book is prose, I keep it short and to thepoint."

I Got A Boo Boo

On My Toe

Poem About Visiting

The Pediatrician

By Michael S. Wolff

The collection of short, but
informative poems is an exceptional approach to an often scary and terrifying experience for some children knowing that they are scheduled for a visit to their doctor's office.
Each step has been carefully researched and is prepared in such a way as to make everything that may occur less threatening and mostly a happy and positive experience. 

Sun and Sand

by Craig Wallenbrock


Corey Jameson, a popular high school senior, star athlete, with a baseball scholarship at San Diego State, is leading an idyllic life in the quiet, conservative community of San Marino.His world is turned upside down with the possibility of a military draft during the time of Vietnam. Corey’s only journey outside his parents’ values, was his exposure to the pre-sixties, hippie precursor lifestyle of the California surfer, and his friendship and fascination with elderly neighbors, Hank and Millie Vincent. Corey comes of age trying to find his own values. He realizes the importance of Hank and Millie as mentors. At the same time, he is forced into being a mentor for Joey, a thirteen-year old street gamin, deserted by his father, and neglected by his mother. Corey enters in a journey of self-discovery whereby he learns that not all questions have satisfactory answers, and at times you must travel forward without the certainty of purpose.

An Avatar's First
by Robert and Carol Teitelbaum

For His 40th birthday, Harry's office

staff buys him a state of the art GPS

created by his secretary's friend, a 

computer genius.

Embedded in the GPS is "Linda". When this electronic comes alive she takes over the life of Harry and becomes the best dating coach.

His car computer and I phone team up with Linda creating life situations for Harry that will leave you laughing out loud. 

The antics are funny, intriguing, mysterious, but resulting in a sweet romantic comedy.

A brand new twist we think you will enjoy,




Anguish & Joy/Amargura y Deleite: A Journey to Serenity/ Un jornada.  hacia la 
      by Jamie Casellas
 Poems and Verse to Enjoy  the Vividness and        Exquisiteness of the Moment / Poemario y versos para gozar de la intensidad y exquisitez del momento


Robert J. Teitelbaum  


Author, Publisher, 

SAG actor and retired Casting Director.  Creative director of Palm Springs TheatreSports, an international improvisational organization since 1994.  the CEO of Creative Change Conferences.

                                                  Robert is pleased to offer publishing services to others to be able to tell their stories.


Authors: Submissions for publishing accepted. Services include ghostwriting, editing, book covers, publishing and advertising.  

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